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  • AltaVista.com - Popular search engine. Uses Open Directory Project for directory. Free submissions.
  • Beaucoup! - Directory of search engines.
  • canada.com - Search site powered by Inktomi data. Free submissions. One of the best places to submit to Inktomi.
  • Copernic - Metasearch software for the PC.
  • Ditto - Search for pictures on the web.
  • Dogpile - Metasearch provided by InfoSpace. Directory provided by Open Directory Project.
  • Excite - Search engine powered by Infospace, Google, Yahoo, and AltaVista. Directory proved by Open Directory Project. Infospace partner.
  • Fast Search (All the Web) - Incredibly fast search. Free submissions.
  • Go Gettem - Metasearch engine.
  • Go2Net - Metasearch powered by MetaCrawler.
  • GO.com - Search provided by InfoSeek. Free submissions.
  • Google! - Incredibly fast search. Free submissions. Uses Open Directory Project for directory.
  • HotBot - Presented by Lycos. A simplified Lycos site. Uses Inktomi for search and the Open Directory Project for its directory. Free submissions to Inktomi.
  • Infomine - Scholarly internet research collections from the University of California Riverside.
  • ixquick - Metasearch the web, news, MP3 or pictures.
  • lii.org - Librarians searchable index to the Internet.
  • looksmart - Search powered by Wisenut. The Internet directory only lists paying customers.
  • Mamma.com - "The Mother of All Search Engines." Metasearch.
  • Metacrawler - Metasearch engine presented by Infospace.
  • Meta Eureka - Simplified metasearch engine. Free submissions.
  • MSN Search - Presented by Microsoft. Free submissions.
  • Northern Light - Search and research engine.
  • ProFusion
  • - Interesting meta search engine. Powered by Intelliseek.
  • Researchville - Access several different search engines on one site.
  • Resource Discovery Network - Internet resources for the learning, teaching and research community.
  • Search.com - Metasearch presented by CNET.
  • Searchalot - Metasearch engine and directory. The Directory uses the Open Directory Project.
  • SearchEdu.com - Search university and education pages indexed and ranked in order of popularity.
  • SearcheBooks.com - Search ebooks.
  • SearchMil.com - Military search.
  • SearchGov.com - Search US government sites.
  • Surfwax - Metasearch engine.
  • Teoma - Search engine provided by Ask Jeeves, Inc. Uses Open Directory Project for directory.
  • WebCrawler - Powered by InfoSpace.
  • WiseNut - Search engine from LookSmart.
  • Yahoo - Search engine powered by Google. Free submission.




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