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Email obfuscation (scrambling)

Email filtering

Email services for spam prevention

  • MailMoat - Disposable email addresses for a fee.
  • Mailshell - Disposable email addresses with filtering.
  • Sneakemail - Disposable email addresses.
  • Spam Gourmet - Self-destructing disposable email addresses.
  • Spam Motel - Free disposable email addresses.
  • Spamcop.net - Services include spam reporting, filtered email accounts, and DNS-based blacklisting.
  • Spamex - Disposable email addresses.

Stopping Spambots

  • Archive.org and Alexa.com -- Threats To Your Privacy - A rant about Archive.org and Alexa.com.
  • The Captcha Project - Stands for "Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart". From the Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science.
  • MAPS - Mail Abuse Prevention System.
  • Spambot Beware - Information on how to avoid, detect, and harass spambots.
  • SpamCon Foundation - "Protects email as a viable communication and commerce medium by supporting measures to reduce the amount of unsolicited email that crosses private networks, while ensuring that valid email reaches its destination."
  • The Web Robots Pages - Useful information about web robots, wanderers, crawlers, and spiders.

Server-side tools for stopping spambots

  • The Deception Toolkit (DTK) - From Fred Cohen & Associates. Tools to defeat hackers.
  • How to Defeat Bad Web Robots With Apache - Tips from Lee Killough on battling robots.
  • Robotcop.org - An open source module for webservers which helps webmasters prevent spiders from accessing parts of their sites they have marked off limits.
  • Stopping Spam and Malware with Open Source - Information about sendmail and blocking spam. This very in-depth page has many useful links.
  • Stopping Spambots II - The Admin Strikes Back - A follow-up article by Daniel Cody. It responds to readers' concerns about the first article.
  • Sugarplum - An automated spam-poisoner. The idea is to so contaminate spammers' databases as to require that they be discarded, or at least that all data retrieved from your site (including actual email addresses) be removed.
  • Using Apache to stop bad robots - An article by Daniel Cody on creating a spam trap.
  • Wpoison - A free tool that can be used to help reduce the problem of bulk junk e-mail on the Internet in general. It generates random pages that clog up spambots.




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