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  • American Academy of Pediatrics - Official website of the AAP.
  • American Diabetes Association - Nonprofit health organization providing diabetes research, information and advocacy.
  • American Dietetic Association - Nutrition resources from the official website of the ADA.
  • American Heart Association - Includes a heart and stroke A-Z guide, and information about heart diseases, conditions, and treatments.
  • American Medical Association (AMA) - A voluntary membership organization of physicians. Publishes JAMA and consumer health information.
  • acor.org - The Association for Cancer Online Resources.
  • ClinicalTrials.gov - The U.S. National Institutes of Health, through its National Library of Medicine, has developed ClinicalTrials.gov to provide patients, family members and members of the public current information about clinical research studies.
  • Discovery Health - Health information from the Discovery Channel.
  • drgreene.com - Medical information about children.
  • Dr Weil.com - Diet, health Q&A, herbal medicine chest, vitamin advisor, therapies and techniques.
  • Drug Digest - Check potential drug interactions online.
  • Fertility Friend - Information about fertility.
  • Fitness Online - The online home of Weider Publications including Fit Pregnancy, Men's Fitness, Natural Health, Flex, Muscle & Fitness, and Shape.
  • Health Central (Dr. Dean Edell)  Fav!  - No nonsense medical advice and information from Dr. Dean Edell.
  • HealthFinder - Health information from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
  • HealthSCOUT - Health information from Rx Remedy, Inc. Includes a medical encyclopedia, pediatric encyclopedia, STD encyclopedia, and message boards about allergies, diabetes, pregnancy, and weight control.
  • HealthWeb - Directory of non-commercial medical sites compiled by the National Library of Medicine.
  • InteliHealth Inc. - Editors "consumerize" health information to make it accessible to consumers.
  • Mayo Clinic - Health resources from the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research.
  • Med Help International - General medical information.
  • Medlineplus.gov - Sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and the National Library of Medicine.
  • Medscape - Offers specialists, primary care physicians, and other health professionals an integrated multi-specialty medical information and education tool.
  • Nutri-Facts.com - Nutrition information on almost six thousand different foods. The USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 13 in a format that the average Joe can use.
  • Pollen.com - Allergy forecasts for the United States.
  • WebMD.com - Healthcare information for consumers and medical professionals.
  • Yahoo! Health - Health news, information, and links from Yahoo!
  • Your Disease Risk - The Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention.

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