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Reinsurance Glossary

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Net Amount At Risk
In life insurance, the difference between the face amount and cash value.

Net Line
The maximum limit an insurer or reinsurer is willing to accept after taking credit for reinsurance coverage.  Such limits are usually expressed per insured, per line of business, etc.  See Gross Line.

Non-experience Rated
A reinsurance arrangement which does not allow the ceding company to share in any profits realized on the reinsurance.  Premiums for non-experience rated reinsurance generally have smaller loads than premiums for experience rated reinsurance.  Compare with Guaranteed Cost Reinsurance.

A form of reinsurance where the reinsurer's liability is not fixed in advance, but is dependent on the number or amount of claims incurred in a given period.

Normal Underwriting (Normal Underwriting Procedures)
One of the conditions for automatic reinsurance.  The definition of what is normal for the plan is set at the inception of the agreement.

An action that substitutes a new party and discharges one of the original parties to a contract, by agreement of all parties.



  Glossary of Reinsurance Terms compiled by
the American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI) Reinsurance Committee
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