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Reinsurance Glossary

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An adverse contingent accident or event neither expected nor intended from the point of view of the insured.  With regard to limits on occurrences, catastrophe reinsurance agreements frequently define adverse events having a common cause and sometimes within a specified time frame (for example, 72 hours) as being one occurrence.  This definition prevents multiple retentions and reinsurance limits from being exposed in a single catastrophe loss.

Occurrence Basis
Reinsurance under which the date of the loss event is deemed to be the date of the occurrence, regardless of when reported.  Compare to Claims Made Basis.

Offset Clause
A provision in reinsurance agreements which permits each party to net amounts due against those payable before making payment; especially important in the event of insolvency of one party which ceases to remit amounts due the other.  Also known as Set Off.

Outstanding Loss Reserve
See Case Reserve.

Outstanding Surplus Account
A record kept by the reinsurer of the amount of surplus that it is carrying in a financial reinsurance arrangement.

See Errors and Omissions Clause.



  Glossary of Reinsurance Terms compiled by
the American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI) Reinsurance Committee
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